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Browse our collection of ready-made courses in cybersecurity, data protection, legal and compliance, curated by leading subject matter experts across the Rajah & Tann Asia network and developed by our team of multidisciplinary professionals. Our library of courses is constantly expanding and kept up to date with the latest trends, legislative and regulatory guidelines.

Data Protection

PDP Awareness and Compliance (Singapore) BG 437px.png

Personal Data Protection Awareness and Compliance (Singapore)

Our Personal Data Protection Awareness and Compliance course is an essential course that equips staff in your organisation with an understanding of the rapidly evolving subject of personal data protection in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore. This course is updated periodically in line with the latest amendments and current data protection provisions.

4 modules

1.5 hours

Data Protection


ECS BG 437px.png

Essential Communications Security (ECS)

Our ECS course caters to all organisations and covers a complete set of modules specially created by our highly experienced cybersecurity experts from Rajah & Tann Cybersecurity to ensure that organisations are well prepared against any risks to the security of their communications.

3 modules

2 hours

CyberHygiene for FI BG 437px.png

Cyber Hygiene for Financial Institutions

Our Cyber Hygiene for Financial Institutions course specifically caters to the financial institutions that are governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to ensure that they implement and enforce sufficient cybersecurity measures, in compliance with the MAS Notice on Cyber Hygiene.

7 modules

3 hours


Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials for Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics

This online training course is designed to train healthcare professionals in private hospitals and medical clinics with roles in management, administrative and information security to take the necessary steps to safeguard their cybersecurity posture of their IT systems and endpoints, in accordance with the recommendations under the MOH Healthcare Cybersecurity Essentials guidelines.

12 modules

3 hours

Cyber Hygiene FI



Guidelines on Individual Accountability and Conduct for Financial Institutions

This online training course is tailored for board members and senior management of financial institutions to understand the requirements of the IAC Guidelines and measures that should be put in place to promote individual accountability of senior managers, strengthen oversight over material risk personnel, and reinforce standards of proper conduct among all employees.

6 modules

3 hours

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